The Company

Alpi produces gaskets, specializing in sealing gaskets and rings for valves, pumps and plant used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and equipment operating under high temperatures and pressures (water, solvents, acids, vapours, oils, hydrogen, thermal fl uids, high pressures and high temperatures). Alpi has been operating since 1977.


Alpi needed to improve the set-up of its warehouse used to store gaskets prior to sale. The design had to consider the need to save space within the warehouse.


Alpi decided that the best way to achieve its objectives was to install two Modula storage systems. The use of space was maximized by taking advantage of the height of the building. A tangible benefi t seen by Alpi was the improved picking speed: no dead-time since the operator and machinery work together at the same time; intuitive software simplifi es picking operations; goods are transferred directly to the operator.



 Trays: 108

 Model: MX75

 Capacity: 750 Kg/tray

 Height: 4500 mm

 No: 3 machines

 Application: gasket storage

 Software: none

 Optionals: none

 Interfaced management system: none

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